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Yuichi Taira is a narcissistic student who stars in Episode 2. He is the fourth victim of Golden Bat.


Yuichi is a young boy with brown hair and eyes. His smile is known to make him incredibly popular. He is designed as the image of a perfect schoolboy. He wears a red and yellow cap which bears either a #1 or the kanji for "ichi" on it, a blue shirt with white and light blue trimming, brown shorts, and white and black sneakers with white socks. He also wore a pair of golden inline skates before discarding them out of fear of being considered L'il Slugger.


Prior to the events of Golden Bat, Ichi was popular at school, and ran for class president. However he was extremely egotistical and always tries to get attention, usually by greeting people every chance he gets. He seems to have an extremely pleasant personality, but is actually sour and self righteous. This can be seen when he thinks Ushiyama Shougo is a disgusting pig, and confronts him behind the school. Ichi shows signs of being slightly unhinged, often fantasizing about more attention and praise. And he goes to unreasonable extremes to get his greatest desire.


His popularity crumbles, however, when he is suspected of being Lil' Slugger because he too has a red hat and golden skates. He only confides in his home tutor. He starts believing these accusations were started by Ushiyama Shougo, who is a fatter, less sporty pupil that is running against him for student council president. He confronts Shougo aggressively, and someone takes pictures of this and texts it to the whole class. Shougo defends him, much to his embarrassment. Meanwhile, the detectives continue to question Tsukiko who is now witness to two attacks. They also question Yuuichi. Believing it would clear his name, Yuichi would have his popularity restored, but at his birthday party, only his mother and tutor turn up. On the streets, Shougo comforts Yuichi who just gets angrier, wishing Shougo to be the next victim, which he promptly becomes. Eventually Yuichi goes insane with egotistical delusions of reclaiming his fame and is also attacked by Lil' Slugger himself.