Shogo Ushiyama (nicknamed Ushi) is described by Ichi as a 'fat country bumpkin'. Shogo is running against him in the student council elections.

His appearance is that of a young child with brown hair and eyes. He is of a larger build when compared to the other kids, thus causing his nickname to be 'Ushi'- the Japanese word for 'cow.' However, only Ichi really refers to him as such. Despite this, he is shorter than Ichi.

While Ichi has a dislike towards him, Ushi appears to consider the other boy a friend in some regard. Even after being pinned to a wall and threatened by him, Ushi attempts to defend Ichi when images are leaked of the incident. He has no hard feelings towards Ichi. If their appearance in episode 6 is anything to go by, they eventually did fully befriend each other after the elections and attacks.

Ushi is one of two people attacked by the fake Lil' Slugger. The other being Masami Hirukawa.